Welcome to the Lasealeon web page

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This is where I will release my games. The site is under construction at this point and I have not created any games.

My games will range from computer puzzle games to tabletop RPG adventures.

Here's how you can contact me: Please do NOT spam my Email. my email address is iguana.blade@gmail.com



Lasealeon was created late 2019 so that I could have a place to upload my games and artwork. I created the site on the 6th of march 2020 and plan to work on it for years to come, so please email me and give me feedback as I would really appreciate it.

Some projects I want to do:

If i can work out how to make separate pages I will probably put updates and announcements on those other pages update! I figured it out! my projects and shop pages are open!

I sell on Tindie

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